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Welcome to The Penguin Club
July 2015

Jam Night

Our Bi-monthly get together

If you want to come and see what its all about

find out what we do, how it runs

or you just like live music.

call in and see us and get a membership form

also available from Mainstreet Music and Studio Realm

members free guests $5

August 2015


Christchurch based band with a more than tongue in cheek approach to music.

Last years show was a hit and a laff , but not for the faint hearted.

as they say about themselves

(the 4 very naughty children with a nasty taste for smutty
Rock’n’Roll who are equally happy doing it on your kitchen table or
getting it on
down at the presbytery with your local Vicar)

Helga von Trollop – Lead Vocals
Mike Unt – Bass & Lead Vocals
Steve (Arm-Bar) Byrons – Drums and noises
Sweet Baby Jeeboo – Guitars (including various Jimmy Page poses and licks)

Members $10 invited guests $15

Flange Penguin 7-8-15