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Welcome to The Penguin Club
May 2014

Da Vinci

The Penguin Club Presents “da Vinci” Saturday 31st of May.


With over 20 years of live performance under their belts, “da Vinci” is a must see act.

They are a four piece rock band formed right here, in the fledgling years of the Penguin Club.

 “da Vinci” have graced the club stage on numerous occasions over the years and always leave the audience screaming for more.

 Aptly dubbed “Back to the Future…”, this one off performance will feature an eclectic mix of original material spanning the bands history, including the debut of their most recent creations.

“da Vinci” are right in their element when performing live and promise an energy-laden evening of foot stompin’ drums, bass that could melt butter, electric guitar solos to fly away on and choruses that refuse to leave you when the songs end.

 Come and experience this special, home performance. You won’t be disappointed.


Doors open 8:30pm


Stay tuned for more updates…….